Interview with our Designer

Interview with our Designer

Interview with our Designer, Charlotte Valentine on the latest Rosalie Collection.

What was the source of inspiration for your latest collection? For a very long time I have wanted to merge my Fine Arts background with Klovah in a more artistic way. This collection really is a project of self-expression. The prints have been approached in a very natural way; inspired by minimalist art movements, balmy summer nights and a love for local flora and indigenous mark making. The source really was nature in its most pure form.

What do you think about when you’re designing? I’m never not designing, thinking, creating ideas in my mind. I like to dream up something seriously cool and how I can execute it in a high-end way. Most of the time with my Klovah pieces I focus on the quality details and how I can lift the product to a higher level of awesomeness. However, with the latest collection - Rosalie – I’ve taken a more relaxed and artistic approach to design and I hope people feel the movement and passion.

How do your ideas translate into your final products? With this latest collection I really wanted an organic approach where the design really led me. It started with the painting of patterns which I had envisioned becoming a print. I always knew I wanted the end result to be bold hand painted patterns on the crisp linen, but one never really knows how it will translate in the end. I guess the answer would be, I always have a clear vision, always lots of ideas and I like to see them through – whether they work in that particular collection and suit the mood and feel is another thing.

Do you have a favourite within the Rosalie collection? I love each of the four designs for different reasons and in unique ways. The Scribble Cushion is so strong and striking and timeless and bold and I love that about it. But then the Yeari Cushion has those earthy calming tones and bold elements of design you just can’t say no to – it’s a must have! I really couldn’t decide.

What does the future hold for you and Klovah? During these uncertain times I am careful not to release too many products. I am respectful people are experiencing financial hardship however, I also want to support my local artisans and makers. I also want to keep people inspired and keep creating beautiful designs – so it’s definitely a balance and also needing to be business savvy. The future for me and my family also has another family member on the horizon! Our little one due February 2021. We are grateful for our health and wellness, so it will be a slow end to the year I think and that’s ok.