celebrating International Women's Day

celebrating International Women's Day

A quick little chat.

This morning I woke to my 4 week old baby boy, instantly STARVING for his 'breakfast' & without a moment to even think about anything I'm in 'the chair' feeding my little babe. This gives me a moment to think about today - International Women's Day. I am so lucky (although I sometimes hate that word) to be a part of such an incredible community-both on social media & in the real world of textile production. I meet women on the daily doing incredible things, whether it's raising little humans, creating unique forms of art, or running an empire - or sometimes a bit of it all!!! I can't help but be proud to be a woman & proud to know those close to me. Whilst we have a long way to go, with so much still going on in the world I know we are on the right path.

I hope today we all recognise the wonderful women in our life & feel proud, inspired & grateful. 

Much love - Charlotte Valentine